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Project Description
NETXPF is a collection of .NET components to support the development of professional Windows & web applications.
NETXPF is intended to be a logical extension to the .NET framework.

NETXPF targets .NET 2.0 for all assemblies except NETXPF.WPF (which requires .NET 3.0 or later).

Current components
Loader: A native Win32 splash screen loader for .NET client-side apps that also checks for the presence of the .NET Framework and directs the user to a download page accordingly
Win32: A comprehensive Win32 API wrapper for .NET
WPF: A collection of WPF controls, including property grid (PropertyList), date picker, drop down button, and search box
Library: A collection of utility classes for the following tasks:
- Serialize a dictionary to XML or binary
- Launch external processes or websites
- Format numbers using significant digits
- Get the exact build date of an assembly
- Add GZip compression to any web page with one line of code
- Run loops in parallel on multi-CPU systems
- Read CSV files as per RFC 4180
- Serialize JSON objects

Future components
Sortable and filterable WPF list view with ability to add & remove columns
Framework for settings & state persistence using isolated storage & XML/binary serialization

This is not an open-source version of NetXP. While some parts of NetXP have been included in NetXPF (e.g. the Win32 loader and Win32 wrapper), NetXPF does not have docking components or other rich Windows Forms controls. For Windows Forms controls, please go to

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